TKE TKE Technischer Kundendienst & Entwicklung
Norbert Gerhardt

Downloads and Links

Please find here operator's manuals and instructions for TKE supported analyzers from Dupont and TA Instruments.

We like to provide further documents such as service manuals on request.

900 Series Manuals

Handbook MEA903 [English, 15MB]

Handbook TMA943 [English, 12MB]

Handbook TGA951 [German, 9MB]

Handbook DMA983 [English, 47MB]

Handbook DSC10 [German, 39MB]

Handbook 303B [English, 12MB]

2000 / 2900 Series Manuals

Handbook DSC2010 [English, 3MB]

Handbook TGA2050 [English, 6MB]

Handbook DSC2910 [English, 4MB]

Handbook DSC2920 [English, 6MB]

Handbook DSC2920 [German, 49MB]

Handbook TMA2940 [English, 3MB]

Handbook TMA2940 [German, 13MB]

Handbook TGA2950 [English, 5MB]

Handbook TGA2950 [German, 55MB]

Handbook SDT2960 [English, 4MB]

Handbook DEA2970 [English, 2MB]

Handbook DMA2980 [English, 10MB]

Software Manuals

Handbook Thermal Advantage Software
[English, 3MB]

Handbook Thermal Advantage File Utilities
[English, 0,3MB]

Getting Started Guide
Thermal Advantage Software [English, 2MB]

Getting Started Guide
Thermal Specialty Library [English, 2MB]

Getting Started Guide
Universal Analysis 2000 [English, 0,5MB]

Handbook DMA983 Calibration Program
[English, 9MB]

Software Installer

Download the Thermal Advantage Software V. 1.3 here [170MB]

This software requires a valid hardware key (dongle) to operate.

Instructions for Accessories

Handbook DSC Autosampler
[English, 2MB]

Handbook Gas Cooling Accessory
[English, 3MB]

Handbook Gas Switching Accessory
[English, 2MB]

Handbook LNCA
[English, 4MB]

Handbook RCS (DSC Cooling System)
[English, 4MB]

We recommend the following companies,
that we succesfully cooperate with:

B.E.S.T. Ventil + Fittings GmbH:

ConSens GmbH, Ilmenau:

MRB Automation GmbH, Ilmenau:

Fluid Concept GmbH:

Michell Instruments Ltd.:

LUST Hybrid-Technik, Hermsdorf:

Dipl. Ing. Hellmut Haufe GmbH & Co KG:

Sonneninitiative e.V.:

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