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Norbert Gerhardt

DSC Cells for the Analyzers DSC10, DSC910, DSC2010, DSC2910, DSC2920

TKE replaces your defective DSC cells with new original cells from TA Instruments. Alternatively we offer newly manufactured, compatible top sections in four variants:

  • Standard Cell: The specs of this cell are equal to the original cell from Dupont / TA Instruments.

  • Standard Cell with Cutouts: The cutouts in the Constantan disc increase the sensitivity.

  • Corrosion Resistant Cell: The heat flux plate is made of Nickel-Chromium for increased corrosion resistance at high temperature or aggressive substances, but has reduced sensitivity.

  • Corrosion Resistant Cell with Cutouts: Featuring a sensitivity comparable to the standard cell.

DSC2920 Cell

Cutouts in the sample platform
increase the sensitivity


DSC Cell with Cutouts
DSC910 Cell

Please send us your used DSC cells! You get them back with replaced top sections plus 100 sample pans.

Box with sample pans
  • 2920 Cell
  • High Sensitivity
  • 910 Cell
  • Pans
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