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Norbert Gerhardt

Sample Pans for the DSC

TKE supplies consumables für your TA equipment, especially sample pans.

Did you know that sample pans from TKE are generally cheaper than original materials from the equipment manufacturers?

TKE sample pans are made in the EU according to TKE's high quality specs.

DSC Sample Pans

Various Types,
100 pcs.


DSC Sample Pans DSC samplepans of different heights


Genuine Tzero pans from TA Instruments feature a particularly even ground plate which optimizes the heat flux between thermocouple and sample. Small enthalpy changes will be recognized quicker and preciser.


TA Instruments T-Zero Sample Pans for DSC

Tzero is a reg. trademark of Waters, Inc.

500 Sample Pans
Big Pack

For DSC and Autosampler,
various types


Big Pack Specialized Sample Pans

Mettler Crucibles

Sample crucibles that fit into the DSC analyzers from Mettler are now available at TKE!

Pans or Mettler DSC Mettler crucible with nipple

Specialized DSC
Sample Pans

Diverse materials and types e.g.

  • Gold, Platinum, Copper, Aluminum, Graphite
  • open or sealed
  • different heights
Specialized DSC sample pans

Customized Pans

TKE manufactures adequate pans for special applications where pans from the standard assortment are not usable. Depending on design and quantity customized pans are commonly not higher in price than standard pans.

Options are:

  • Special materials
  • Customized shape and volume
  • Special lid types
Customized DSC sample pans

Cups for the SDT

Fit into the SDT2960,
various types

  • DSC
  • Tzero
  • Autosampler
  • Mettler
  • Special
  • Customized
  • SDT
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