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Norbert Gerhardt

Regeneration of Electrolytic Cells

TKE offers the regeneration of the phosphorus pentoxide moisture measuring cells (Keidel cells) for the Dupont Moisture Evolution Analyzer MEA902/903 and the Ametek Moisture Monitor 303 as a special service.

In this process the cells are recoated according to the manufacturer's standard. As a result we restore 100% functionality. Of course, this does not apply to cells
with internal glass crack or shortage of the platinum windings.

The regeneration service includes:

  • Free of charge check for the regeneration feasibility
  • Cleaning and recoating of regeneratable cells
  • Test with a calibrated moisture analyzer
  • Test report
MEA903 Cell

The TKE P2O5 Trace Moisture Cell

This new electrolytic cell developed by TKE is a cost-effective solution to continue to use the analyzer in case the Ametek cell should not be regeneratable any more.

  • The cell can be opened, therefore it is easy to clean and regenerate
  • Replacement for Dupont/Ametek Keidel cells
  • Fittings and cable are customizable for other analyzers
  • Increased volumetric flow of up to 200ml/min

Datasheet [PDF]   Opened Cell
Recoating Instructions [PDF] 

TKE trace moisture Cell

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