TKE TKE Technischer Kundendienst & Entwicklung
Norbert Gerhardt

Spare Parts Supply

TKE is your supplier for spare parts of most TA appliances
from Dupont and TA Instruments.

Avoid the costly acquisition of new equipment -
let TKE maintain and repair your TA system!

TGA Furnace

Replacement furnace for the TGA 2950 and 2050

The defective furnace will be refurbished with a new ceramic core and new heater windings. Send us your defective furnace and receive in return a reconditioned unit, warranty included.

TGA Furnace (complete)

TGA Furnace (ceramic core)

TGA furnace


For various modules,
eg. TGA, DMA

Thermocouples Thermocouples Packaged

Electronic Spare Parts

For all modules

Circuit Board

DSC Cells

Replacement for all DSC2010 / 2910 / 2920 and 900 Series

magnify 900 Cell

magnify 2000/2900 Cell

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Accessories for the TMA

Diverse Probes

  • Expansion Probe
  • Penetration Probe
  • Film / Fiber Accessory
  • Dilatometer Accessory
  • Parallel Plate Rheometer Accessory
  • Flexure Accessory
  • Hemispherical Probe
TMA Probes
  • TGA
  • Thermocouples
  • PCBs
  • Cells
  • TMA
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