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Norbert Gerhardt

Sample Pans for the TGA

TKE supplies consumables für your TA equipment, especially sample pans.

Did you know that sample pans from TKE are generally cheaper than original materials from the equipment manufacturers?

TKE sample pans are made in the EU according to TKE's high quality specs.

Pure Platinum Pans
for the TGA

We offer Platinum pans for the TGA 2950 / 2050 / Q50 / Q500. In regular special offers these pans can be obtained for budget price. They have the following advantages over original parts from the equipment suppliers:

  • The pans are made of stronger material providing elevated rigidity.
  • Prolonged lifetime
  • Depending on ordered quantities we give up to 50% discount.


TGA Platinum Pans

Pans for the Q5000-IR

With and Without Coating

The Balinit-Aldura Coating outperforms an Inconel coating in all material properties such as abrasion hardness, temperature resistance and oxidative stability. Furthermore, the pans from TKE feature a fully coated handle whereas the handle of the original manufacturer's pan is muffled with a thick extra tube. TKE pans therefore offer an increased pickup tolerance during autosampler operation.



Ceramic Pans

For the TGA2950

With Platinum Handle

Ceramic sample pans are suitable for high temperature examinations where Platinum pans cannot be used as they may have a catalytic effect on the sample. Aggressive substances in the sample that may corrode Platinum are also a case for preferring ceramic pans.

Ceramic Pans

Customized Pans

TKE manufactures adequate pans for special applications where pans from the standard assortment are not usable. Depending on design and quantity customized pans are commonly not higher in price than standard pans.

Options are:

  • Special materials
  • Customized shape and volume
  • Special lid types
Customized DSC sample pans

Pans for SDT

Fit into the SDT2960,
various types

  • TGA 2050 / 2950
  • Q5000-IR
  • Ceramic
  • Customized
  • SDT
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