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Thermal Analysis Service and Sales

TKE offers service and maintenance for the 2000 and 2900 series of thermal analyzers from Dupont / TA Instruments.

We support the following modules:
  • All TA controllers and PC's
    for the 2000 / 2900 series
  • DSC 2910 / 2920 / 2010
  • TMA 2940
  • TGA 2950 / 2050
  • SDT 2960
  • DEA 2970
  • DMA 2980
  • Cooling accessories
  • others upon request
Our service includes:
  • Repair and maintenance on location
  • Repair and maintance at the TKE service lab
  • Spare parts supply
  • Operator training and support

Acquisition of modules. TKE bids for your used TA Instruments equipment. Don't throw away obsolete modules as they are worth something! Let TKE make you an offer.

Refurbished modules for sale. TKE offers refurbished units of all 2000 / 2900 series modules. Helps you save cost!

Special Offers

DMA Geometries and Clamps Offer


Article No.: 3201

Geometries and clamp sets for the DMA 2900 / 850 / Q800

Little used and complete original TA Instruments sets in good condition from the TKE Demo Lab.

  • 984047.901 20 mm Single/Dual Cantilever Clamp Kit, DMA 2900 / 850 / Q800
  • 986252.901 Film/Fiber Tension Kit DMA 2900 / 850 / Q800 (Dual Screw Design, Mk III
  • 985016.901 Film/Fiber Tension Kit DMA 850 / Q800 (Single Screw Design, Mk II)
  • 984017.901 Shear Sandwich Clamp Kit
  • 986261.901 Submersion Film / Fiber Tension Kit for DMA 850
  • 986270.901 Parallel Plate Compression Kit for DMA 850 & Q800
  • 984022.901 Penetration Clamp Kit
  • 984023.901 Specialty Fiber Tension Clamp Kit

Up to 70% discount - Please ask for a quote.

TA Instruments 2900 Series

These analyzers have been unsurpassed in accuracy and reliability for very long time and still perform well in most applications. Especially where cost is critical, a refurbished module is an interesting alternative to new equipment.

DSC2910, DSC2920, DSC2010 Differential Scanning Calorimeter


Two sample platforms for sample and reference are located in a heated chamber. When the heat flux into the sample differs from the flux into the reference, e.g. because it consumes melting heat, a temperature difference will evolve. It is being plotted with the TA Analysis software.

  • Determination of melting point, melting heat and heat capacity
  • Examination of enthalpy changes (ie. chemical or physical reactions in the sample which produce or absorb heat, for example oxidation heat)
  • Measurement of crystal structure transformations, glass transition and many more
Specifications of the DSC2920
  • Temperature Range: Room temperature up to 300°C, with inert purge gas 725°C
  • Enhanced temperature range down to -60°C with Refrigerated Colling System (RCS) or -150°C with Liquid Nitrogen Cooling Accessory (LNCA) or cooling can.
  • Data Interface GPIB, Gas connectors for purge gas and cooling gas
  • Exchangeable DSC cell assembly, different cell variants are available
  • Weight:22kg, dimensions: 46 x 59 x 50 cm

DSC2920 with Autosampler

DSC2920 with Autosampler

Analyzers of type DSC2910 / 2920 can be equipped with an Autosampler kit. A robot arm opens and closes the lids of the DSC cell and exchanges the sample pans. Its gripper works with force feedback, thus is able to grip lightweight empty pans as safely as heavy samples. The user can prepare 62 sample pans on a detachable tray. Each of the 62 samples can be accessed randomly and for each of them an individual analysis program can be defined.

  • Continuous quality checks on samples from an ongoing production process
  • Serial examinations on a row of samples with systematically changed composition
  • Statistic evaluations on a bigger number of samples
  • Unattended experiments running over night
  • Improves the reproducibility of the sample placement in the DSC cell.
Specifications of the DSC2910 / 2920 Autosampler
  • Sample change time plus open/close lids: approx. 60s
  • GPIB connector for full control from the TA Analysis software
  • Placement precision: 0.2mm
  • Requires special sample pans for Autosampler

TMA2940 Thermomechanical Analyzer


The sample is being placed on a sample platform inside of a furnace. A quartz finger probe is hooked on the top of the sample, it is loaded with weights. When the sample is heated up, it will change its dimensions or become softer, so the probe is elevated or it sinks into the sample material. The position change of the probe is taken up by a differential transformer (LVDT). Various types of probes exist for different sizes and forms of samples.

  • Measurement of the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE, dilatometry)
  • Determination of material stiffness as a function of temperature (includes melting point, delamination, glass transition, curing of resins etc.)
Specifications of the TMA2940
  • Temperature range: Room temperature up to 1000°C, -150°C with cooled helium
  • Maximum sample dimensions: height 25mm, diameter 10mm
  • Resolution: 100nm, Linearity: ±0.5%
  • Maximum probe displacement: ±2.5mm, Highest permissible pulldown force: 1N
  • Data interface GPIB, gas connectors for purge and cooling gas
  • Weight: 27kg, dimensions: 46 x 59 x 66 cm

TGA2950 Thermogravimetric Analyzer


The analyzer weighs the sample with a micro balance which consists of a beam mounted on a moving coil instrument. The beam carries the sample and a counterweight. Should the sample change its weight will the current flowing through the coil be regulated to keep the beam horizontal. The sample pan is hung down into a furnace. The current is a measure for the weight is plotted over the temperature by the TA Analysis software.

  • Determination of volatile components of materials (eg. water) by evaporation
  • Determination of temperatures at which the sample changes its weight, eg. by oxidation or decomposition to gaseous products.
Specifications of the TGA2950
  • Temperature range: room temperature up to 1000°C, ramp rate 0.1 ... 100K/min
  • Maximum sample weight: 1g (maximum permissible load of the balance: 5g)
  • Resolution: 0.1µg, accuracy: ±0.1%
  • Automatic sample changer with 16 samples (option "Auto TGA")
  • Data interface GPIB, connectors for purge gas, exhaust gas and water cooling
  • Weight: 30kg, dimensions: 46 x 59 x 55 cm, rated power supply: 1.5kVA

SDT2960 Simultaneous DTA/DSC-TGA


This analyzer combines the techniques of DTA/DSC and TGA in one appliance. The sample and reference cups are put on platforms at the end of two scale beams which are housed in a furnace. During execution of a temperature program the weight of both samples is measured and can be compared to each other. The sample platforms are equipped with Pt/Rh thermocouples for the precise measurement of the sample temperature. Should heat be absorbed or set free due to chemical or physical changes in the sample, this can be detected by a temperature difference. The SDT2960 requires special sample cups.

  • Lower price than two separate appliances for DTA/DSC and TGA
  • Enthalpy and weight changes can be correlated exactly
  • TGA examinations on two samples at the same time
  • Higher temperature range than the DSC2920 and TGA2950
Specifications of the SDT2960
  • Temperature range: Room temperature up to 1500°C, ramp rate 100K/min (up to 1000°C); 25K/min (up to 1500°C)
  • Resolution of the scale: 0.1µg, Accuracy: ±1%
  • Calorimetric accuracy: ±2% (calibrated with Indium standard)
  • Temperature difference sensitivity (DTA operation): 0.001K
  • Data interface GPIB, connectors for purge gas, cooling gas and exhaust gas
  • Sampling interval: 0.5s...1000s
  • Weight: 30kg, dimensions: 46 x 59 x 50 cm, rated power supply: 1.1kVA

DEA2970 Dielectric Analyzer


The sample is placed between two parallel plate electrodes. A sine wave voltage is applied and the current flowing through the sample is measured with high precision. From the amplitude and phaseshift of the current in relation to the voltage, material properties like dielectric constant, loss factor and resistance can be derived. During an experiment frequency, force and temperature can be changed. A motor presses the parallel plates together, while the pressure and spacing of the plates are sensored. Therefore relaxation voltages can be observed. With different probes also liquids and sputter coated samples can be examined.

  • Determination of specific conductivity and dielectric constant as a function of temperature, pressure and frequency
  • Examination of curing of polymers and resins
  • Stability of materials when exposed to environment (temperature, oxidation)
Specifications of the DEA2970
  • Excitation Voltage: 1V, Frequency range: 0.003Hz ... 100kHz
  • Temperature range: -150°C (with LNCA) ... 500°C
  • Force range: 0 ... 500N, max. sample size 25 x 25 x 0.75 mm
  • Weight: 32kg, dimensions: 53 x 58 x 43 cm

DMA2980 Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer


Samples are fixed into position using a variety of steel clamping arrangements. A mechanical deformation is applied to the sample via the instrument's drive motor. The deformation can be applied sinusoidally, in a constant fashion, or under a fixed rate. The resulting force and deformation are plotted to determine various material properties as a function of the temperature.

  • Examination of the curing of resins
  • Stress relaxation and strain recovery experiments
  • Measurement of the elasticity modulus and the viscosity as a function of temperature
  • Determination of glass transition temperatures, expansion coefficient and many more
Specifications of the DMA2980
  • Temperature range: room temperature up to 600°C, -145°C with cooling gas
  • Sample dimensions: max. 50 x 15 x 10mm
  • Excitation frequency range: 0.01 ... 200Hz, strain amplitude max. 25mm
  • Maximum probing force: 18N, minimum load of the probe: 0.001N
  • Strain resolution: 1nm
  • Weight: 39kg, Dimensions: 43 x 56 x 66 cm

RCS Refrigerated Cooling System


This cooling machine embodies two cascaded compressors to achieve a temperature down to -70°C. The coolant flows through a cylindric head that can be mounted on top of a DSC cell. The DSC cell is able to heat against the cooling head, therefore continuous temperature ramps from -60°C up to 400°C can be run.

  • Any DSC experiments below or around room temperature.
  • Quick cooling after an experiment.
Specifications of the RCS
  • Minimum temperature -60°C, Maximum allowed cell temperature 400°C
  • Cooling rate 5K/min at -50°C, 20K/min at 25°C
  • Weight: 32kg, Dimensions: 25 x 50 x 47 cm

Spare Parts

TKE is your supplier for spare parts for appliances from Dupont and TA Instruments, in particular the 2900 / 2000 series. Avoid the costly acquisition of new equipment - let TKE maintain and repair your TA system!

Refurbished DSC Cells

Refurbished DSC Cells

DSC Cells for the Analyzers:
DSC10, DSC910, DSC912, DSC2010, DSC2910, DSC2920.

These cells are original parts from TA Instruments. They are cleaned, repaired and quality checked in the TKE service lab.

DSC Cell

Replacement DSC Cells

In these cells we replace the top sections by newly manufactured compatible ones. The following options are available:

  • Standard Cell: The specs of this cell are equal to the original cell from Dupont / TA Instruments.
  • Standard Cell with Cutouts: The cutouts in the Constantan disc increase the sensitivity.
  • Corrosion Resistant: The heat flux plate is made of Nickel-Chromium for increased corrosion resistance at high temperature or aggressive substances, but has reduced sensitivity.
  • Corrosion Resistant with Cutouts: Featuring a sensitivity comparable to the standard cell.
  • Standard Cell: The specs of this cell are equal to the original cell from Dupont / TA Instruments.
  • Standard Cell with Cutouts: The cutouts in the Constantan disc increase the sensitivity.
  • Corrosion Resistant: The heat flux plate is made of Nickel-Chromium for increased corrosion resistance at high temperature or aggressive substances, but has reduced sensitivity.
  • Corrosion Resistant with Cutouts: Featuring a sensitivity comparable to the standard cell.
TGA Furnace

Refurbished TGA Furnace

Furnace for the TGA 2950 and 2050.

The defective furnace will be refurbished with a new ceramic core and new heater windings. Send us your defective furnace and receive in return a reconditioned unit, warranty included.

Ceramic heater for TGA

TGA Ceramic Heater

The ceramic heater is available as separate spare part. Let TKE renew your heater before you buy a new furnace.



Thermocouples in the DMA and TGA tend to become brittle by the time, so they change their characteristics and may break. Therefore thermocouples should be replaced in time. TKE has various types on stock.


Electronic Components

We can replace and repair electronic components of your analyzer.

box with sample pans

Sample Pans

TKE supplies a variety of sample pans at an attractive price.

Buy sample pans in the TKE Sample Pan Shop.
Rotameter and sample press

Tools and Accessories

TKE holds several used tools and accessories available. If you need something for your work, ask TKE!


Download module handbooks here. Variants marked CE deviate only in the rear panel drawing.

2900 / 2000 Series Handbooks

900 Series Handbooks

Accessories Handbooks

Thermal Advantage Software Handbooks

Thermal Advantage Software

This software package contains everything you need to run experiments on a 2900 / 2000 series module. It runs on Windows PC's up to Windows 10.

The included Instrument Control tool controls the module for automated and manual measurement tasks and transfers the raw data to the PC. It connects to the modules through a GPIB interface card or GPIB-USB-HS adapter from National Instruments.

The included Universal Analysis Software provides comprehensive data analysis features and comes with a material properties database. With this help you can examine the raw data from the instrument in depth and derive material characteristics like melting point, heat capacity, elasticity modulus etc.

Screenshot of TA Instruments Universal Analysis Software
Examining a DSC plot with the Universal Analysis Software.

Software Package

Logo of TA Instruments Universal Analysis Software
The Thermal Advantage Package contains:

Installation Instructions